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Great Bolghar
Great Bolghar Ancient civilization on the Volga.
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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ matches in Kazan

Tatarstan is the Paradise of Active Holidays

Imagine there is a magic place where anything is possible for your active soul: camping, floating along the river, parachuting, scuba diving, driving a race car, bank a steep turn on a hill. Imagine you can do something that you have never done before. Do you want to go there? Then pack your things and go ahead! Take a train or a plane! Tatarstan is waiting for you, a paradise of outdoor activities and 1001 pleasures.


Energy in full swing

If you are full of energy and enthusiasm, if you are terrified at the thought of relaxing on a beach, if you are crazy about climbing and jumping then you should certainly visit Sky Park in Kazan. Rope courses, with plenty of obstacles, are just what you need to experience the thrills and feel like you are Tarzan, Mowgli, or Indiana Jones. In Gorky Park you will find a course that is 22 meters high, and here you can feed squirrels from your hands. The recreational park Lebyazhye is known for its zip line above Lake Glubokoe (Deep Lake). It's 90 meters of pure delight.


Another place for your active spirit is the Kazanskaya Riviera Complex where, among a vast variety of entertaining places, the water park is the most popular one. There are more than 50 rides, and some with names that already make you close your eyes in anticipation: Deadly Noose, Kamikaze, Jump into the Abyss. After the slides, you can relax in the warm waters of the swimming pool or take a leisurely journey down the “Amazon River.”


Hover like a Bird

Do you ever dream of ascending into the sky? Do you want to feel how an iron bird obeys the slightest movement of your control stick? Or, perhaps, you prefer to soar in a hang glider, catching the wind? Or would you rather experience the adrenaline of jumping with a parachute and feasting your eyes on the stunning views while you slowly descend? Let your dreams come true at the Tatarstan Republic Central Aeroclub. If piloting and gliding are too advanced for you, then skydiving is available for anyone. If you are determined, you can take a solo jump from a height of 1,000 meters and, maybe, start your path towards parachuting. If you’d like something a little less intense you can trust your instructor and, together, jump from a height of 2,500 meters.


On a Real and an Iron Horse

There is a special attitude towards horses in Tatarstan. It can be said that the love for this noble animal is transferred from the mother’s milk of every Tatar person, and neither history nor modern technologies can diminish it. It is not surprising, then, that in the capital of the Republic the Kazan International Horse-Riding Complex, one the biggest in Europe, was built. Horse races are regularly held here, and you can try horseback riding at the equestrian school.

If you are looking for a real speed, high adrenaline, and cool cars, you should visit Kazan Motor-Racing Circuit in Vysokogorsky Region. Competitions are held all the year round, both professional and amateur competitions, including the international Superbike Championship RSBK and the Russian series. For those who want more than just to watch car races, you can drive a sports car with an instructor, or even have your own mini race.

Tatarstan is one of the centers of the Russian off-road movement. Competitions are held here regularly. Most famous are the quad bike series Can-Am Trophy Russia and two out of five rounds of the Trophey-Raid Cup Dimension 4x4 (Izmereniye 4x4) that Kazan Off-Road Club holds together with their colleagues from the Chuvash Republic, the Mari El Republic, and Kirov Region.



Yuryevskaya Cave located in the mouth of the Kama River is a natural landmark and the longest natural cave in the Volga region. It is about 1,000 m long.


Cycling Tour

When the weather is warm a large number of cycling fans ride along the Tatarstan roads. A cycling tour requires serious physical and financial preparation. But what if you simply want to ride around the city? In this case you should use one of the automatic bicycle parks at Veli’k in Kazan.


During the navigation season, cruise liners come to Kazan port one after the other. However, this entertainment is for lazy people as one gets real pleasure only while sailing. If you go yachting along Volga, you can park your yacht at the oldest yaching club, “Lokomotiv.” One can get a precious degree of a steersman or captain at the Sailing Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan. However, you can enjoy yacht romantics without knowing how to tie knots or read a map by renting a yacht and sailing round the Volga waters as a passenger.

For the past several years the picturesque Lebyazhye Lake in Kazan has turned into a Mecca for wakeboard fans. Right in front of the beach vacationers, wakeboard athletes sweep over the water doing various tricks in the air. If you are a professional, you will find a crowd of like-minded people at the cable wakepark ProVoda and a lot of opportunities to get a boost of energy from doing your favorite sports. Amateurs can rent the necessary equipment and practice on a trampoline after getting instructions from their coach.

Tatarstan is gradually gaining a name for itself in the diving world. There are four diving centers in Kazan where you can take a course and get a PADI certificate. They will also help you organize dives. The most popular place for diving is transparent Goluboye Lake which is 18 meters deep. The water in the lake does not get higher than 7˚C in summer and does not get lower than 3˚C in winter. You can dive all the year round with a dry suit.


Down the Hill in Snow Whirlwind

If you believe that true pleasure on the mountains can only come from the Alps then you are mistaken. There is no doubt that a view of the Matterhorn inspires, but you will also find such places in Russia where you can experience the exhilarating descent, feel the wind blowing against your face, and breathe in the powdery snow. There are nine ski resorts in Tatarstan. The two best ski resorts are Yan and Sviyazhskiye Holmy (Sviyazhskiye Hills).

Yan is situated in the picturesque village of Potashnaya Polyana not far from Almetyevsk. From December to April a fun atmosphere dominates the region as everyone can find something to do regardless of skill level. On one piste beginners and children try their first runs. Four pistes are for skiers and snowboarders. One more is for zorb fans, and the last one is a snow park. Even free riders have their own separate zone.

Sviyazhskiye Holmy is only 35 km away from Kazan, in the place where the Volga, the Sviyaga and the Sulitsa merge. The season starts here in November and lasts until the beginning of April. There are only four pistes, but their small number is compensated by their quality. The elevation difference is only 165 m and the maximum length is 1100 m. Also, tubing lovers are not forgotten, and the snow park can boast of a series of springboards and obstacles for jibbing.

Sviyazhskiye Holmy  Golf Club

Sviyazhskiye Holmy Sports and Health Complex is famous not only for its ski resort and winter activities but also for its golf course. It was designed and built under the foreign professionals care and none of its 18 holes resembles the other.


Sviyaga  Trap-Shooting Complex

Sviyaga Trap-Shooting Complex is located next to Sviyazhskiye Holmy. Here you can watch national and international competitions, as well as try shooting by yourself.

Big Fish, Little Fish

Every fisherman has his own list of places where he would like to go fishing. Wherever it may be there is always one place that’s the same for everyone. It is the Volga. You can use any type tackle here and catch a variety of different fish, including cat-fish, perch, burbot, chub, and zander. How nice it is to sit with a fishing rod in the morning or evening and enjoy the silence and peaceful views of the Volga. In addition, if you catch a heavy pike or zander apart from the carp you will be absolutely happy.

The Lower Volga, which starts after the Kama confluence, is especially popular among fishermen because this is where the river becomes full flowing and powerful. It is not surprising that the best fishing places in Tatarstan are situated in the place where two biggest rivers in the Republic merge. People come to the Tri Berega Club (the Three Banks Club) and the Kamskiye Prostory (the Kamskiye Spaces), which are situated in 120 km from Kazan, to see for themselves the best for trophy fishing.

Along with fishermen, hunters also come to the Kamskiye Prostory to hike in forest in search of hare, wild boar, geese, and ducks in the spring. Another well-known hunting base is Vyatskiy Bereg (Vyatskiy Bank), located 45 km from Yelabuga near the Vyatka River. The local forests are famous for elk, bear, wild boar, and pheasant hunting.




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