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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ matches in Kazan

Tatarstan is Russia's Leading Region in Sports

Tatarstan is one of a few Russian regions that can boast about its developed sports tourism. Thanks to large-scale competitions Tatarstan has earned the reputation of a multi-functional sports venue. Events are held in accordance with the highest standards, always materializing into a real festival for both the fans and athletes. Championships and cups are only the tip of the iceberg, though they are the most captivating. Sports is a non-stop year-round activity in Russia. Local teams regularly make their fans happy with vibrant games, and amateur competitions are traditionally held on a wide scale and attract many competitors.


Let's go to the stadium!

If you have ever watched a live match, at least once instead of watching it at home on TV or in a sports bar, no doubt you prefer going to the stadium to experience the plunge into a bright emotional atmosphere again and again, and to feel the wild climate and an incredible sentiment of unity with your favorite team. There are several international-level sports clubs in Kazan: the Rubin Football Club, the Ak Bars Hockey Club, the Zenit and the Dinamo Volleyball Clubs, and the UNICS Basketball Club.


The RubinFootball Club

This club is one of the leaders of modern Russian football and the best club according to RFU 2009. A two-time champion of Russia, and the winner of the Russian Super Cup, the Russian Cup and The Community Cup. The club's home stadium is Kazan Arena.


The Ak Bars Hockey Club

It is one of the most victorious clubs in the Russian KHL. The champion of Russia four times and the winner of the Gagarin Cup twice. Since 2005 home games have been held at Tatneft Ice Arena.


The  UNICS Basketball Club

UNICS is the pride of Tatarstan basketball. They are repeated winners of the Russian Championship and winner of the Russian Cup three times. You can watch UNICS games at the first Russian basketball arena, Basket Hall.


The Zenit and the Dinamo  Volleyball Clubs

Both clubs are not only the strongest volleyball teams in Russia, but in Europe as well. It is enough to say that Zenit is an eight-time champion among the Russian men's teams and a four-time winner of the Champions League. And for the Dinamo girls, they have been the champions of Russia five times. In 2014 they won the Champions League. Both clubs play in the Volleyball Centre named St. Petersburg.


Sports Team KAMAZ-master

It is the world's strongest team in the class of sportive trucks. It has been a permanent participant of the legendary Paris – Dakar Rally since 1991 and consistently one of the favorites to win. It is enough to say that KAMAZ-master has won 13 races and its crew has won gold, silver and bronze three times each. The menacing KAMAZ-master also takes part in other prestigious rallies such as the Shelkovy Put (Silk Road), Zoloto Kagana (The Gold of Kagan), Desert Challenge, and the Velikaya Step (The Great Steppe).


Worldwide Football in Tatarstan

2013 was crucial for sports in Tatarstan: the 27th summer World Student Games were held in Kazan, and were recognized as the best Student Games ever held in the history of the competition. In 2015 Kazan fortified its position by brilliantly hosting the World Championship of Watersports and setting a new record in the number of participating states. So, when Russia acquired the right to hold the 2018 FIFA World Cup, there was no doubt that Kazan will be one of the member cities. The group stage, round of sixteen, and quarter finals will be held here. However, even earlier, in 2017 the FIFA Confederations Cup will be held, which is considered to be a rehearsal before the World Cup. Kazan Arena, a stadium with the highest category according to UEFA regulations, is located in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan.

The British company Populous developed the project that led to Kazan Arena resembling a water lily. It is ready to manage the excitment of 45,000 fans. On days without competitions, the main Tatarstan arena opens its doors to everyone. In just an hour-long excursion around the stadium, you can visit locker rooms and training rooms, VIP stands, see where commentators passionately shout, ‘Goal!’, and go down to the holiest place - the field itself.


Test Yourself

If you believe that the sports life in Tatarstan is limited to the highest-category sports with a strict distinction between professionals and fans, you are wrong. The Republic would hardly bear the title of the leading sports region in Russia without developed amateur sports. Ideas for a healthy lifestyle, competitive atmosphere and the desire to win are flooding out into the streets, materializing in massive competitions where anyone can participate.

Every year Kazan hosts a marathon sponsored by the project TATAR.RUN. The traditional 42-kilometer and 195-meter distances are for those who want to test themselves, to overcome the idea ‘I can't’, and to win a final prize, which is the feeling of euphoria from personal achievements. For beginners in long-distance running and those who are not ready for an extreme marathon yet, there are half marathons held in Naberezhny Chelny, Almetyevsk, Kazan, Innopolis, Nizhnekamsk. Cross country running, the biggest sporting event in Russia, has always been popular, too.

In winter Tatarstan cities take part in the unique sports festival called Lyzhnya Rossii (The Russia Ski Run), and all ski enthusiasts look forward to it. Lyzhnya Rossii is a real example of a mass sport in which everyone takes part: children and seniors, professionals and amateurs.


B Recently triathlon has recieved a special impetus for development. Triathlon includes outdoor swimming, bicycle races and cross-country races. Kazan and Naberezhny Chelny hold competitions for all levels, for both beginners and those who claim to be called an "iron man".

Tatarstan is the only region in Russia where you can find the Federation of Pylons and Workout. These mysterious words mean usual exercises on pull-up bars and balance bars. You will reminisce about your childhood P.E. lessons on one of the numerous sporting grounds in Kazan and Naberezhny Chelny.

The sports life in the Republic is constantly cropping up: world championships, national cups, amateur competitions. Each sporting event becomes a genuine festivity for both sportsmen and fans. It is the only way things work in Tatarstan, the land of 1001 delights.



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