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A holiday with children in Tatarstan. Fun. Healthy. Safe.

As the Russian song goes, ‘Every single little totty, clever boy or smarty daughter have a kilo of explosives or sometimes even a ton! He destroys your dear house, she tears up your lovely blouse, they’ll blow everything they’re touching, bang boom bang! they think it’s fun”. If you do not want to have these problems you should spend time with your children regularly. ‘It must be fun and interesting,’ think the kids. ‘Healthy and safe,’ sigh the parents. This is exactly what you will find in Tatarstan! A family trip to Tatarstan is just what you and your kids need.

In the animal world

No itinerary of a child’s holiday is complete without a trip to the zoo, the dolphinarium, or the farm. You do not have to choose in Tatarstan! Your young naturalists will be able to communicate with animals quite enough. At the Kazan Zoobotanic Garden one can see lions, spotted deer, polar bears, hippos, elks and many other animals. Most of them are in cages and enclosures so you can enjoy watching them from afar.

Lukomorye Zoo, a petting zoo, has been working in the garden for several years. There you can communicate more closely with animals and birds. You can feed, pet, and hug all the animals, including mischievous goats, funny pigs, pompous turkeys, and fussy hens. A similar zoo is in the Kazanskaya Riviera Entertainment Center, at the Tatarskaya Usadba (the Tatar Estate) Hotel and Restaurant Complex, and at the Park Tropicheskikh Babochek (Tropical Butterflies Park). However, one does not visit the Tropical Butterflies Park only to hug a raccoon or pet mini pigs. The true stars of the Park are the tropical butterflies that fly around the pavilion like bright and colorful sparkles.

After getting to know the fauna, you should definitely visit the Kazan Oceanarium. Here you can not only watch colorful reef fish and eccentric penguins, but you can also find yourself literally surrounded by sharks and powerful rays thanks to the intricate glass corridors.

Yurkin Park
Yurkin is a recreation and entertainment park located on the square in front of the Kazan Arena Stadium. The main attraction is the Dinosaur Path with 43 ‘live’ giant reptiles. Other activities change depending on the time of year.


If you want to see cheerful dolphins and funny seals, you should visit Naberezhny Chelny where the only stationary dolphinarium in the Volga region resides. Start with a tour behind the scenes, during which your child learns how these amazing animals live, how they behave in everyday life, and how they are trained. After this tour your children will perceive the show much differently as they will recognize these animals as their friends not just cute creatures that dance, jump, and perform acrobatic tricks. The highlight of the day at the dolphinarium will be swimming with dolphins. Older children can swim with two dolphins on their own, while younger children can swim with dolphins while they riding in a boat.


Discovering the world

Scientists estimate that children ask the question, ‘Why?’ eight times a day with half of them leaving adults feeling that they are at a loss. Why does the sun shine? How does one make a birdhouse? What is a rainbow? To answer all these questions you sometimes need the help of the all-knowing Internet. So why don’t you enjoy a trip to Tatarstan and satisfy the curiosity of your little inquisitor, at least for a short period of time? All the more, the capital is famous for its informative entertainment.

Visit  the Kazan Planetarium to learn about the mysteries of the universe and the stars. An immense, three-dimensional show unfolds on a dome-shaped screen: the grand Sun is slowly floating; tiny Mercury, blue Earth, and the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn are flying by; comets are rushing swiftly. Here, the solar system becomes so small that you cannot find it among the myriads of stars and galaxies in the endless universe. Suddenly, the astral chaos is changing and you can see the strange figures of the constellations that we received from the ancient astronomers. A virtual trip around the universe can be supplemented by observing the stars through a real telescope.

Visit  a children’s city KidSpace, where your child will be able to play like an adult. Here everything is like real life. Every citizen is given a passport, and there is special currency called “experiences.” To earn this money you have to work in different workshops. For example, in the bakery you need to bake delicious croissants, or make soap in a cosmetic factory, or to be a shop assistant in a store, or put on a hardhat at a construction site and build a brick wall. Rescuers give first aid to the “victims” of the city and police officers check passports. Kids earn salaries for every job they master, and they can spend their money on entertainment or deposit their money in the bank until their next visit.

Visit  the House of Amusing Science and Technics, and, together with your child, take a fascinating journey through the wonders of nature. Each exhibit in the center has a stand for experiments - no boring formulas or rules, only your own experience! During the excursion, your child can get lost among the mirrors, get inside giant soap bubbles, solve optical illusions, learn how a piano works, take a photo inside of a TV, play with magnets, and do many more incredible things. Children do not simply play and have fun, but they also learn about the scientific laws and environmental phenomena.


The Zarnitsa Scientific and Entertaining Complex

The complex consists of six interactive areas where children will get acquainted with physical and chemical laws, learn how to behave in the forest and in the street, undergo an astronaut training program and try various jobs, from a builder to a director, in an entertaining way.


For little spectators

Children have always loved and will always love the circus, regardless of intricate gadgets and computer special effects. That is because they see everything live at the circus: Skilled horsemen called jigits, brave gymnasts flying under the dome, and clever animals. Of course, no circus exists without funny clowns that make you laugh at the sight of them. Let your child witness miracles and visit the circus, located near the Kazan Kremlin, when you are in Kazan.

A bright and emotional circus show can be complimented by visiting the theatre. In the repertoire of the Youth Theater of Kazan you will find performances children of all ages. Younger children will enjoy ‘Teremok’ or ‘Pchelka Nechkebil,’ while older children will enjoy ‘Treasure Island,’ ‘Gelsomino in the Country of Liars,’ or ‘The Little Prince’. If you want to show your child something special, you should visit the Ekiyat Puppet-Show. Pupils of the Konstantin Khabensky Creative Development Studio perform on the stage of the theatre as well. The main goal of the studio is not only to teach children acting techniques but also to educate them to be free, cultured, and compassionate people.


Have fun till you drop

There is no better way to make your child happier than to take them to an amusement park. What could be more fun than a ride on a small, but almost real, car? Test your courage on a rope course. Jump on a trampoline imagining that you are Iron Man or Superman. Fly up and then rush down on a Flying Saucer. See the city from the top of the Ferris wheel. Afterwards treat yourself to cotton candy or ice cream from your mum and dad. These pleasures can be found at the Kazan Kyrlay Amusement Park. The park is infused with the fairy tales of Gabdulla Tuqay, as Kyrlay is the name of the village where the Tatar genius poet spent his childhood.

The second Ferris wheel is located at the Kazanskaya Rivyera. However, people come here for more than to enjoy the panorama of the city from comfortable cabins. Each cabin is devoted to a major city around the world. People come to Rivyera to have fun and enjoy the water sports. Among the 50 attractions of the water park everyone will find something according to preference, regardless of age. A pirate fort with water cannons and special kids slides are waiting for little children. Thrill seakers will appreciate tall slides with sharp turns that make you feel like you are flying. Those who enjoy the beating of waves can spend their time in the wave pool. The mysterious caves and warm and gentle Amazon River can be of interest for those who are lazy.


The Kremlin Wharf

The main wharf in Kazan is not only a place where you can walk admiring the Kazanka River and the Kazan Kremlin. There is a wonderful merry-go-round that is popular not only among kids but among adults as well. Also, a Fairy Town magically appears there before the New Year where one can meet Ded Moroz (Russian version of Santa Claus), study in an elf school, and go ice-skating on a skating rink.



In MEGA-Kazan everything is done to ensure that visitors can plunge into a sweet world of shopping. While adults shop, children can spend their time on the playgrounds. In addition, there is a children’s club in MEGA where various masterclasses are held, from traditional classes, like modeling and drawing, to classes that are unusual but informative.

Family holidays can be challenging for both parents and children, but not in Tatarstan where there are 1001 pleasures for everyone. Come and see for yourself!



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